Online Tests


My main concern when designing this test format was to make this evaluation as fair and safe as possible for everyone, while also respecting your privacy and not requiring intrusive proctoring methods. Thus, to mitigate the natural tendency for students to communicate during the test, the time for each question will be limited to 10 minutes and the answers are open ended, with the grading calibrated later according to what is reasonable to expect in such a limited time.

Note that this is not a speed typing contest. Your answers should be short and concise, and not take long to type (or to read…). Long answers that do not focus on the important points, are poorly structured or include irrelevant or redundant statements will be penalized. Read the questions carefully, think about the important points you need to explain and structure your answer. The best answer will be short, clear and well structured.

Test structure

The test will consist of 5 questions worth 4 points each.

In each question you will need to consider what you are able to explain in the 10 minutes allowed, and the question will indicate which aspects are more important and which are less important to cover.

The grading criteria will take into account the strict time limit, so do not panic.

You can look up any material you want during the test. However, I do not advise it because of the time limit. You may not consult other people nor copy text into your answers. Copied text will be considered fraud and will result in an immediate failing grade in the course for all students involved.

Student Identification

Students will be identified by their FCT credentials, by requiring that answers be sent from your official FCT Gmail account. This is mandatory. Answers sent from other accounts will not be accepted, just as if you were submitting a written test under a different name. So make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account before the test starts. To this end:

  • Log out of any Gmail account or clear your browser cookies before logging in to your official Gmail account.
  • Make sure you log in to the correct account
  • Use the same browser session (e.g. open a new tab) to access the test page

Please note that the answer links in the test redirect to the message composition page on Gmail. I do not monitor which account you are using and if you are using the wrong account your messages will be sent from the incorrect sender.

So, use your official FCT Gmail account for submitting answers

The answer links on your question pages will include the destination email and the subject for your answers. Do not change these elements. Just fill in your answer and send the email before the time limit.


Before entering the test page remember to login into your official FCT Gmail account (see above). Otherwise your answers will not be admitted since your official email address is what identifies your answers.

When you click the answer link in your questions pages an email message will be composed with the correct destination address. I will use several addresses for receiving your answers, but these are selected automatically. I will consider the last answer sent before the time limit, so my advice is that you write your answers in a text editor and then copy-paste into the email. This way if you still have time you can make any last minute changes and resend the answer. You will receive a copy of each answer you send.

The starting page for the test this page. During the test test page will be updated with the different questions, so refresh your browser (F5) the test page to see each question page.

In the question page you must type your CLIP login and press enter to access your specific page. There will be one page per student per question so make sure you use your CLIP login here.

There will be a five minutes break between questions. Refresh the test page after each break to see the page for the current question.


During the test you all question and message pages will be placed in the test entry page. However, to allow you to see and experiment with test mechanics I placed below links illustrating the different steps. Start by logging in to your FCT Gmail account and then follow the links below. Note that this is just a demo but you can answer the questions and send the emails before the test. Just do not use this demo during the test..

This is an example of the entry page before the test starts
Question 1
This is how the entry page will look once the test starts, giving access to the first question.
This illustrates the entry page during the five minutes break.
Question 2
The second question.
This illustrates how the entry page will look if something goes wrong and I need extra time to fix it. I hope you will not see this page during the actual test...
Pergunta 3
This is the third question.
This is the final page once the test is over.