Planning and summaries

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Exercises are avaliable here in pdf format: Tutorials.pdf (Last updated on 2019-11-3).

Note: the tutorials will be updated during the semester. It is best not to print them and to check this page regularly for updates.

Class plan (note: future tutorials may be subject to adjustments)

Tutorial 1, P1: 2019-09-17; P2, P3: 2019-09-18; P4, P5, P6: 2019-09-19

Introduction to Python. Fitting and visualization
Chapter 1 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the file with the planetary data,planets.csv, and the file with the polynomial fit data, polydata.csv (right-click, save as)

Tutorial 2, P1: 2019-09-24; P2, P3: 2019-09-25; P4, P5, P6: 2019-09-26

Fitting Polynomials: overfitting; model selection; training, validation and testing.
Chapter 2 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the files with the data here:bluegills.txt, yield.txt (right-click, save as)

Tutorial 3, P1: 2019-10-01; P2, P3: 2019-10-02; P4, P5, P6: 2019-10-03

Logistic regression: overfitting; model selection with cross validation.
Chapter 3 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the data file here:data.txt (right-click, save as)
(OPTIONAL) here is an auxiliary model with useful functions to help in this exercise:

Tutorial 4, P1: 2019-10-08; P2, P3: 2019-10-09; P4, P5, P6: 2019-10-10

Support vector machines. Bagging.
Chapter 4 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the data file here:T4data.txt (right-click, save as)
Download the auxiliary plot function (right-click, save as)
The solution for this tutorial will not be published as it includes code used on the first assignment.

Tutorial 5, P1: 2019-10-15; P2, P3: 2019-10-16; P4, P5, P6: 2019-10-17

Assignment 1

Tutorial 6, P1: 2019-10-22; P2, P3: 2019-10-23; P4, P5, P6: 2019-10-24

Assignment 1

Tutorial 7, P1: 2019-10-29; P2, P3: 2019-10-30; P4, P5, P6: 2019-10-31

Bias-Variance decomposition. Multiclass Classification.
Chapter 5 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the data file here:T5-data.txt (right-click, save as)
Download the auxiliary functions (right-click, save as)

Tutorial 8, P1: 2019-11-05; P2, P3: 2019-11-06; P4, P5, P6: 2019-11-07

Bagging, Adaptive boosting and visualization.
Chapter 6 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the data files (right-click, save as)

Tutorial 9, P1: 2019-11-12; P2, P3: 2019-11-13; P4, P5, P6: 2019-11-14

Feature Selection. Feature Extraction. Vector quantization with K-Mans
Chapter 7 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the image file here:vegetables.png(right-click, save as)

Tutorial 10, P1: 2019-11-19; P2, P3: 2019-11-20; P4, P5, P6: 2019-11-21

Comparing clustering algorithms
Chapter 8 of the Tutorials booklet.
Download the script for the, save as)

Tutorial 11, P1: 2019-11-26; P2, P3: 2019-11-27; P4, P5, P6: 2019-11-28

Assignment 2

Tutorial 12, P1: 2019-12-03; P2, P3: 2019-12-04; P4, P5, P6: 2019-12-05

Assignment 2